Sunday Spring BBQ

Sunday 11th October

$65 person

Collect anytime or have it delivered to your door,

all cooked and ready to feast on!

Either order spontaneously or pre-order,

whichever you prefer.

 ENTREE: Pasta salad - shell pasta with pancetta, celery, spring onions and Kewpie with a touch of curry


FROM THE GRILL: Saltbush reared fore-quarter 'cumin rubbed' lamb chop, Wagyu beef, mushroom & onion sausage and

our duck & ginger sausage rolls.

 WITH: Lemon & mint yoghurt, chilli jam, Marco’s house-made pickles and our own BBQ sauce

SIDES: Chickpea salad with heirloom cherry tomatoes, eggplant, red onion & parsley. Grilled asparagus with white anchovies, cucumber, capers & Parmesan crisps, watermelon

& whipped goat’s cheese


DESSERT: Cinnamon doughnuts filled with lemon curd (2pp)


 Dark & white chocolate cheesecake served 'our way' with

Buffalo ricotta & cream cheese, milk crumble, blood orange, mandarin, lemon and sorrel. 

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