Whilst cleanliness & hygiene has always been a priority for us, we have

implemented some additional measures during this tricky time. 

Below are just some examples...


  • All customers are seated 1.5 metres apart unless they are in the same group

  • A maximum of 6 guests per table

  • All surfaces, door handles, POS machines, telephones, etc. are cleaned and sanitised constantly

  • All cleaning and food handling procedures are even more rigorously monitored

  • All staff are COVID-19 trained and are obsessive about washing and sanitising their hands 

  • All menus and drinks lists are laminated and placed in a cleaning in-tray after every use. They are returned into circulation only after thorough cleaning and sanitising

  • All plateware and cutlery are washed in a Smeg commercial dishwasher with a special UltracleanPro (patented) function which activates a sanitisation cycle subjecting dishes to a prolonged heat treatment. It also has a HTR (High Temperature Rinse) system with atmospheric boiler for maximum sanitisation

  • All glassware is washed in a state of the art Winterhalter dishwasher with reverse osmosis, which removes all water impurities. Hence, there is no need for us to handle your glassware, as polishing is not required.

  • We allow 15 minutes between each booking for scrubbing and sanitising all surface areas of your table, chair legs & backs, pepper grinders, etc.

  • Extensive open & close checklists are diligently completed

  • Toilet cleaning and surface sanitisation checklists signed off half-hourly

  • Staff to avoid work and contact health authorities if they exhibit any flu like symptoms

  • Hand sanitiser is available on various stations throughout the restaurant, particularly at the entrance for arrival and departure

Rest assured, we take this all very seriously, the last thing any of us need is to start the isolation process all over again!

Your safety is our priority...

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