Cicchetti Menu


Marinated olives, Mt Zero, Vic 7


Ostriche del Giorno’ – hand-selected oysters, shucked to order and served natural with lemon 5 ea


Arancini (3) – una polpetta di riso piccola, ma cosi grande e ricca di sapore (a small rice ball, but so big and rich in flavour)

- flavour changes daily 15


Bruschetta (1) of heirloom tomatoes, Mozzarella di Bufala,

basil and extra virgin olive oil 9


Fremantle octopus cooked on the chargrill, smoky peppers & sunflower seeds, salami, pine nut milk, Fingerling potatoes

and spicy crustacean oil 26


‘Crudo di Manzo’ – Raw, hand-cut flank of beef ‘tartare style’ with pomegranate & Pistachio nib, fermented chilli jam, Zuni pickles and our potato crisps with lagoon salt 22


Scallop ‘acidita’ with Stracciatella, local black plums, pickled

red grapes, Davidson plum Powder, barberries,

red vein sorrel and lime leaf 24


Little tin of Italian anchovies with blood orange ‘marmellata’

and crostini 17


‘Formaggio’ – La Saracca from the Adelaide Hills, (semi hard, cave ripened, raw cow’s milk) Fontina in style, pane di musica,

fig & quince ‘preserva’ (50gm)  12

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