Spring Picnics

Picnics are back...

Thanks Dan! There seems to be some real optimism in the air as we start to recover some of our little freedoms today. Our talented kitchen crew jumped straight on to designing a beautiful light menu, perfect for those lovely Spring days in the park, or just on the back deck with a loved one.


$60 per person (minimum 2)

Includes a 700ml bottle of Vaporetto Spritz between two


We can even deliver it straight to the park of your choice... and we can even supply the perfect amount of ice!



Vaporetto Spritz


Mount Zero and Sicilian olives   


‘Affettati Misti’ – air-dried Wagyu Bresaola, Prosciutto San Daniele & truffled Sopressa with ‘Pepperoni Veneti’ (little spicy peppers) 


A ball of That's Amore 'Fior di Latte' Mozzarella with Cape Schanck extra virgin olive oil 


A little tin of Italian anchovies with blood orange and ruby grapefruit 'marmalata’ 


'Insalata di Panzanella' – Salad of ripe tomatoes with smoky red peppers, red onion, capers, basil, garlicky croutons and plum vinegar 


‘Fegato alla Veneziana’ – our duck liver pate with macadamia & pomegranates, cherries & sherry, parsley and grilled crostini 


‘Formaggio’ – Taleggio from Lombardia (soft washed rind), Collina from Veneto (semi-hard) served with ‘pane di musica’ and fig & quince ‘preserva’ (50gm each)

Spritz picnic.png